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Bee Honey

Bee honey is a product that is a nectar digested in goiter. In the honey store is 75-80% carbohydrates, 13-22% water, provitamin A-carotene, vitamins E, K, C, B1, B2, B6, folic acid.

honeyCarbohydrates are the main component of honey, dissolved in water.

Honey by origin can be faded and floral. Honey bees produce honey bees, collecting honey and honey dew from the stems of plants or leaves. Because of the high content of dextrins and minerals, pade honey is considered valuable, but, nevertheless, it is not suitable for winter bees for bees.

In the process of collecting nectar and its processing, which is allocated by nectarists of plants, honey bees are produced by bees.

Honey is a symbol of prosperity, abundance and the golden age of mankind. Honey combs in the desert were the food of John the Baptist.

The moralistic parable tells how Cupid, being an infant, was stung by a bee when he attempted to steal honey from a beehive. All in tears with honey he is depicted next to Venus, and around - bees fly.