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Bee pollen

Pollen is a gathering of pollen grains from seed plants.

Bee pollenAfter passing through the bees, the pollen becomes ankle, which has been collected by bees and processed by its enzymes. To feed the flower pollen, bees add a lot of effort.

In just a few days, the mass of yesterday's larvae, due to pollen, grows hundreds of times. It forms all the working glands, strengthen and unfold the wings. Also, pollen serves as a product for feeding bee uterus, or rather, raw material for the production of royal jelly.

First of all, pollen in the bee family is needed by the bee-nurses. In the body of a newly born bee, there is little nitrogen, they need vitamins, and therefore they also eat pollen. Needed pollen for the wax glands and bee-builders, for normal functioning and normal puberty - trutnami.

Bee family for a season gathers and consumes 35-40 kg of pollen.