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Bee honeycomb

Beeswax buildings intended for storing perga and honey, as well as rearing the offspring are called honeycomb. Still honey combs serve as a nest of a bee family. There are bee honeycombs of hexahedral prismatic cells that are located on either side of the general mediastinum,

bee honeycombDistinguish in honeycomb cells of different types: queen cells, bees, drone and transitional. The size of the honeycomb depends on the size and shape of the standard beehive frame.

The honeycombs in the hive are arranged vertically. In the standard framework, honey-filled honeycombs contain up to 4 kg of honey. Between the honeycombs for the passage of bees is space, which is called a street, and its width is 12-13 mm.

Cells are constructed from two sides, and the method of "fixing" the cells does not provide inconsistencies and gaps in all three dimensions. And for the construction of a single cell, this leaves a minimum of wax.