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Drones of unfertilized eggs occur. This has been known for a very long time. In a wider drone cell when laying eggs on the abdomen of the uterus, sensitive hairs do not experience compression and there is no pulse on the muscles of the seed pump.

Male beeThe drone of workers' bees differs in the development of sense organs and in considerable size. They have large eyes, on top of each other touching, long antennae, short proboscis, broad chest with long wings, and abdomen to posterior end rounded and oval in shape.

There are no stings for drones, but in its place there is a bursar apparatus. They also do not have a device for collecting pollen.

The appointment of drones is a copulation with a bee uterus. During the wedding departure drones quite high rise with the uterus in the air, often flying far away from the hive. Up to 8 drones are copulating with the uterus. After that, the drone dies.

For the successful fertilization of the queens, a certain density of the drones is required for the volume of air in the apiary.