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The content of bees in hives of different types
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Hives for bees

The hive is a special home for the maintenance of honey bees, made by bees or by man. In one hive depending on the system, one or more bee families can live. The honey content of the bees is different in the hives of different systems.

HiveAll frame hives are called vertical (risers). Their volume increases upwards with new buildings or stores ("half-armored superstructures"). Thus, the volume of the hive is increased, thanks to the frames that are located in several tiers.

Hives, which are enlarged by adding frames to the side of the socket, are called loungers or horizontal hinges. In the beds, the frames are located in one tier, and the hives themselves have an elongated look.

Distributed equally broadly as sunbeds, and multi-hinged hive-risers.

In work with a large number of bee columies, a multi-hull system is considered more convenient, allowing them to work in housings rather than frames. Sometimes, with the casing content of the bee, more than 200 bee families per beekeeper are required.

Sun beds reminiscent of their kind vintage chests or long boxes. They usually have about 24 frames of size 435 300 mm. Here the nest of bees expands horizontally. Usually, two upper and two lower volets are located in front, but can also be located on opposite sides - in the rear and front walls. There are up to two stores. The ceiling is divided. The flat roof is located on the same level with the walls of the case. Usually novice beekeepers begin to work with a sunbed, as it is very easy to work with it.

In a hinge of a multi-body type one on the other, corps is placed vertically. The supermarket supplements and corps are added as the bee family develops. Generally, two-, three- and multi-hive hives are allocated. The number of shells at the same time is determined not by the design, but by the calculations of the beekeeper and by the method of beekeeping.

The most popular in the world is the Langstot-Ruta hive. The corpses of this hive are designed on a frame of 435x230 mm, and the store is no different from the case.